Convert Anglesea's brown coal mine and power station into a renewable energy generation and storage facility with a visitor centre to tell the story of this iconic transformation from environmental, technological and cultural perspectives while delivering economic and environmental benefits to the local community and beyond.
Clean Energy
Repower Anglesea proposes the installation of a solar farm and pumped hydro energy storage facility that can supply 100% of Anglesea's annual electricity needs consistently and reliably.
Solar PV

It is estimated that a 17 MW solar PV farm could generate approximately 22 GWh of electricity per annum, being 100% of Anglesea's electricity consumption. A conventional solar farm could be installed on 44 acres of land while a compact solar farm could be installed on 30 acres of land, which would easily fit on the power station site without destroying any habitat. Alternatively, a 15 MW conventional solar farm could be floated on 50 acres of the water body Alcoa proposes to create in its mine rehabilitation plan. Less capacity is required to generate the same amount of electricity, as the cooling effect of the water helps the panels operate more efficiently.
Pumped Hydro

Pumped Hydro works by moving water between two reservoirs at different elevations. During high demand periods water is released from an upper reservoir (the existing fire service dam) to drive a turbine that generates electricity. During low demand periods, water is pumped from the lower reservoir (Alcoa's proposed lake) back to the upper reservoir where it is stored for future use, like a battery. Click on the image above to see the explanatory diagram in full. With a small increase in the height and diameter of the existing fire service dam, a pumped hydro facility could have an installed capacity of 4.4 MW, assuming 3 hours of continuous generation.
Grid Access

The solar farm and pumped hydro facility could be connected to the site's currently underutilised 220 kV transmission line. This would enable the site to supply renewable energy to the National Electricity Market. Grid connection is a critical element for renewable energy developments and a major advantage for this site. It may be possible to also connect the solar farm and pumped hydro facility to nearby 22 kV distribution lines. This would enable the site to supply renewable energy to Anglesea directly. Connection to the 220 and 22 kV lines will be subject to confirmation and agreement with Alcoa and/or Powercor, the local electricity distribution comany.

Visitor Centre
Building on the transformation of this iconic site, the visitor centre will provide site tours and house a science, technology and environment museum, art gallery, theatre, café and retail store offering an entertaining educational experience for young and old alike.
Tours & Museum

Site tours will help visitors understand the site's indigenous and industrial heritage and enable them to get up close and personal with renewable energy generation and storage technologies. In addition, an interactive and educative exhibition space (like ScienceWorks) will enable visitors to explore the environmental and technological aspects of climate and energy transitions.
Art & Theatre

Through art, theatre, dance and multi-media, Repower Anglesea will enable visitors to explore the social and cultural aspects of climate and energy transitions. Repower Anglesea will display indoor and outdoor art works and deliver performance art programs for children and adults. A theatre and workshop will entertain visitors and provide opportunities for participation.
Cafe & Retail Store

The Repower Café will enable visitors to relax and sample local produce. Every so often, a guest could be invited to introduce a climate or energy related topic for exploration and discussion in smaller groups over lunch. The retail store nearby will offer a range of inspiring gifts and guides to living more sustainably.

When implemented, Repower Anglesea will deliver cheaper electricity for retail customers, an income stream for the community and investors and a major tourist attraction on the Great Ocean Road that supports local jobs and businesses as well as the environment.
Savings & Income

It is proposed that Anglesea residents who purchase electricity from Repower Anglesea (via its retailer) will receive a discount on their electricity bill. It is also proposed that part of Repower Anglesea be owned by community members either as shareholders or as members of an energy co-operative. Either way, financial returns could fund community activities and provide income to investors. Given the scale of the proposal, it is envisaged that a partnership with developers and financiers will be required.
Jobs, Tourism & Business

Repower Anglesea will create jobs in construction and installation, operation and maintenance, and in tourism and education. Showcasing how the transition to renewable energy can take place with community involvement and positive economic outcomes, Repower Anglesea will attract visitors and lengthen visitor stays on the Great Ocean Road. Educational programs will attract school groups and support local school camps. More visitors to Anglesea and longer stays in the area will support local businesses.

By generating enough renewable energy to power Anglesea for the whole year, Repower Anglesea will reduce annual carbon emissions by 32,127 tonnes. In addition, Repower Anglesea will raise environmental awareness and provide environmental education to visitors of all ages. In keeping with its environmental ethos, Repower Anglesea will ensure that the scale of development is appropriate for the site, help maintain water quality in the Anglesea River and remain sensitive to other land uses.

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